Hermes opens India flagship

International luxury brand Hermes has opened its first standalone store in India.

The shop occupies 3000sqft area at Horniman Circle, opposite Asiatic Library and close to Reserve Bank in India, in Mumbai. 

The brand has been in India for some time with shops located within hotels lobbies – a 300sqft store in Ista Hotel in Pune and a 700sqft shop in Oberoi Hotel in Delhi.

But surging demand for luxury goods in India has encouraged Hermes to open its first standalone store in the country. According to research firm TNS, there are more high-wealth households in India than in France and Germany.

“I am sure in five years you will see a lot of our (competitors) here,” says Patrick Thomas, CEO of Hermes.

The shop features all Hermes products including luggage, bags, watches and scents. During its opening, the brand has introduced a sari as a special edition.

“It’s a humorous and light way of saying, ‘Hello, we are here and we want to share in your culture’. We have a lot to learn from India and discover. Maybe one day we may make products in India,” Thomas said.

Hermes has already included in its portfolio the Paris-Mumbai bag which is made in Ahmedabad, the largest city in Gujarat, India.



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