Uniqlo gets family focused

Undercover – Uniqlo’s sub-label which focuses on a family theme – will make its retail debut next month.

Uniqlo Undercover will feature a full range of apparel for women, men and kids to be designed by Jun Takahashi. The label will be introduced at Uniqlo’s global flagship store at Ginza district in Tokyo on March 16 and will be available in selected Uniqlo stores worldwide.

Described as “edgy yet upscale”, Undercover will span a broad range of clothing, from loungewear to garments for a day out. Takahashi has matched gentle colours with darker tones in the men’s line, a broad mix of colours and patterns on the women’s line and playful prints for children.

The kidswear will be priced from £7.90 to £59.90 (US$12.55 to US$95.21) and will be available for new borns through to age 12. The men’s and women’s lines will cost from £19.90 to £79.90 (US$31.63 to US$127).

With a blend of punk-inspired aesthetic and elements of modern street fashion, Undercover is trying to encourage families all over the world to maintain a positive outlook as they navigate the trials and tribulations of modern life.

Undercover was established in 1990 and was launched at Tokyo Collection in 1994. Takahashi brought the brand to global audience during the Paris Fashion Week in 2002.



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