Supersports invests for expansion

Bangkok-based sporting goods retailer Supersports plans to expand its store count to 150 by 2015, up from 99.

Supersports plans to invest 700 million baht (US$22.59 million), of which 400 million baht (US$12.89 million) will be spent on expansion and 300 million baht (US$9.66 million) on increased promotion and marketing activity.

Supersports will also allocate 70 million baht (US$2.26 million) for the promotion of sporting goods for football to match the rising popularity of Thai Premier League, a professional league for football clubs, which drove 35 per cent sales growth at Supersports’ soccer division.

The expansions are expected to drive eight billion baht (US$258.4 million) of sales in 2015 from 4.5 billion baht (US$145.35 million) last year.

With major sports event coming up this year, including the Olympics and Euro 2012, Supersports expects a business growth of 21 per cent this year.

The Thai sporting goods retailer, whose network includes 56 stores for Supersports brand, 20 for Crocs, 12 for FIT Sports, seven for Supersports Outlet, two for Skechers and another two for New Balance, will also offer footwear, backpacks, golf and racquet sports for children aged seven to 14.

Expanded offerings also include more international brands such as English Premier League club kit.

A subsidiary of Central Group, Supersports stores are located at Central and Robinson department stores with others standalone.



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