Samsung, Google launch new computers

Samsung has unveiled two new products featuring the Google Chrome operating system: the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook laptop and the Samsung Series 3 Chromebox desktop.

The Series 5 Chromebook, with 12.1-inch, SuperBright LCD screen, weighs about 1.5kg and is less than 2.5cm thick. It boots up in as little as seven seconds, enabling users to jump into work or play nearly instantly and – unlike traditional computers – doesn’t slow down over time. An Intel Celeron 867 Dual Core (1.3 GHz) processor sporting a 16GB SSD and 4GB of RAM gives the computing power and an optional built-in 3G wireless feature from Verizon Wireless allows connectivity just about anywhere.

The Samsung Series 3 Chromebox offers Chrome operating system in a desktop form. Users can connect their Series 3 Chromebox to monitors up to 30-inches in size, a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, or even an HDTV using the Display Port output. Users can also connect up to six USB devices to upload photos or save files.

Google developed the Chrome OS operating system with three key factors in mind: speed, simplicity and security, and says it has improved on these factors since the launch of the first Chromebook in 2011.

The Samsung Series 5 Chromebook and the Samsung Series 3 Chromebox went on sale this week. In the US, the Series 5 Chromebook Wi-Fi model will retail at US$449.99 while the 3G model will retail at US$549.99. The Series 3 Chromebox Wi-Fi model will retail at US$329.99.



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