Americans open to ‘buying Chinese’

Li-Ning, the athletic footwear and apparel company founded by Chinese Olympic medal-winning gymnast Li Ning, reveals the results of its recent study of US consumer sentiment toward Chinese goods and products.

The results, broken down by demographics and income levels, reveal that 92 per cent of US consumers are likely to purchase products from Chinese companies.

Among this majority, consumers ages 18 to 25 and those with a household income level of more than US$225,000 had the most positive sentiment toward Chinese brands, with 80 per cent of millennials and 92 per cent of upper income level consumers stating that the quality of products manufactured in China have remained consistent or improved.

“We conducted this survey to not only assess Americans’ perceptions of Chinese brands overall, but to also analyse which demographics and income levels were the most receptive to products from Chinese companies,” said Craig Heisner, VP of sales, marketing and merchandising for Li-Ning.

“The openness among millennials and upper income levels is a key part of our strategy, as it provides an opportunity for us to tap into these markets and tailor our products to fit their needs.”

More than half of US consumers believe that, in five years, the best Chinese products will measure up to American products, signaling a growing trend toward US acceptance of Chinese brands.

Li-Ning’s study found that roughly two-thirds of Americans consider products from Chinese companies to be comparable to other countries, further supporting the upswing in trust of Chinese goods. Respondents were likely to purchase items ranging from appliances, toys, consumer electronics, as well as footwear and athletic apparel, with a majority preferring to purchase consumer electronics from Chinese companies over any other type of product.

Chinese brands such as Lenovo and Haier were the most well-known among US consumers.

“The positive perception of Chinese brands among millennials is a positive indicator that our brand strategy is right on target,” added Heisner. “As digital natives, we know they are more open to our digital only approach and prefer to interact with companies via digital channels.

“The same opportunity lies with the more affluent market, as the survey results indicate they are more familiar with Chinese culture and products, making them more open to what Li-Ning has to offer.”



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