Ermenegildo Zegna’s new China store

Ermenegildo Zegna has opened a new store at International Plaza in Wuhan.

The 405sqm store was designed by architect Peter Marino. The 680 sqm facade, with its high-impact visual effects that are enhanced by the intersection of the structural blocks, is the second biggest facade among all Zegna stores in China.

The design style inside the store reflects the image of the brand, naturally revealing an Italian sense of fashion and individualised elegance. The flooring of the store features crisscross stripes with metal strands overlaid on the shop windows, resembling the woven composition of textiles. This, coupled with stainless steel rods behind a glass curtain wall, imitates Zegna’s brand essence of weaving raw material fibres into high-quality fabrics.

ermenegildo Zegna 1

The interior of the store is divided into zones to display the different Zegna lines, each in individually designed areas that convey a distinct vision throughout all of Ermenegildo Zegna’s diverse collections: the Couture collection, the exclusive Su Misura service (tailor made) and the traditional Italian tailoring of Sartoria, as well as the Upper Casual collection which is displayed within a large dedicated area.

ermenegildo Zegna 2

The store also offers the contemporary Zegna line and an extensive range of shoes, leather accessories and licensing products. In addition, the luxury room, which is equipped with all the necessary facilities, is a bright example of the high quality individual services offered within the store.

Zegna’s first move in Asia was in the 1980s in Inner Mongolia to source raw materials and to scout for delicate fabrics made of the finest cashmere fibres. Over the years Zegna has expanded and diversified its relations and business in Asia, from sourcing to eventually establishing an extensive retail network.

ermenegildo Zegna 3

Following the first store opening in the Chinese capital of Beijing in 1991, Zegna proceeded to open a store in Hong Kong in 1997 and a distribution subsidiary called Zegna Trading in Shanghai to develop and to support the future demand and to continue its local integration.

The 102-year old luxury brand has 557 Zegna stores, 311 of which are company-owned, in 87 countries.



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