China’s top CE brands awarded

Chinese brands are making waves in the key US market and beyond.

The ‘2012-2013 Consumer Electronics Top 10 Brands from China’ awards ceremony was held in Las Vegas on January 9, one day after the 46th Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opened.

The 10 Chinese companies that were selected as canonical in business convergence and penetration – namely Haier, Hisense, Changhong, Lenovo, TCL, Great Wall, Konka, BOE, Desay and Huawei – came under the spotlight during the ceremony.

The winners collectively show the world that Chinese companies have successfully broken through the bottleneck of development via intelligent innovation and found a path to a sustainable future.

This is the seventh year in a row that Haier entered the winner list, proof that its globalisation efforts have been recognised by the market and the users, says Hisense.

In the last couple of years, Chinese companies have shifted their roles and positioning in the consumer electronics industry from the previous market and production bases to being branding-based and up-scale-based.

On the platform of CES, the Chinese consumer electronics industry has an opportunity to collectively demonstrate their brand strengths and showcase their premium quality and wisdom to the world.

“As every year the CES attracts the most excellent consumer electronics vendors and hundreds of thousands of professionals from around the world, the ‘2012-2013 Consumer Electronics Top 10 Brands from China’ event enables the Chinese consumer electronics companies to stand out from their peers at this influential show, so that the prominence of the Chinese brands could be recognised by consumers around the world,” said Jennifer Xu, VP of IDG Asia Pacific.

China has become a major destination where global consumer electronics giants make premier releases of their latest technologies and products, as well as the origin place and test field for new technologies and products.

It is expected to replace the US to become the largest consumer electronics market in the world. But there are meanwhile obvious signs that China’s economic growth is slowing down.



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