Lenovo eyes RIM

Chinese PC maker Lenovo is considering a bid for troubled Blackberry parent Research in Motion (RIM) in a bid to bolster its mobile business.

“We are looking at all opportunities – RIM and many others,” Bloomberg quoted Lenovo CFO Wong Wai Ming.

“We’ll have no hesitation if the right opportunity comes along that could benefit us and shareholders,” he added.

The Chinese company has been reportedly in talks with RIM over strategic ventures.

Analysts say Lenovo will face tough hurdles to acquire RIM such as regulatory scrutiny and cybersecurity.

“A potential acquisition of RIM by Lenovo would raise a number of important security issues,” said Michael Wessel, a commissioner on the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

“Government employees are one of the largest users of RIM’s BlackBerry products and the security of their communications has to be of paramount concern,” added Wessel.

Lenovo’s PC business has been marginally profitable, however, its mobile device business has struggled to make an impact outside China. The company has previously indicated its strategy to expand beyond PCs when it acquired Brazilian maker of PCs, smartphones and tablets CCE and software developer Stoneware.



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