Victoria’s Secret opens second Singapore store

US lingerie and beauty retail giant Victoria’s Secret has opened its second store in Singapore – at Changi Airport.

Travel retailer Nuance-Watson has opened the new 60 sqm store at Terminal 2, signing a three year lease.

Similar to its successful Terminal 1 format but with a refreshed interior concept, the new store offers customers access to an assortment of Victoria’s Secret products, including fragrances.

The design of the airport store is described as contemporary and glamorous. The interior features black cherry fixtures, lit focal walls, a gallery of iconic black and white imagery, and a video wall featuring Victoria’s Secret Supermodel video footage.

“We have seen tremendous growth for Victoria’s Secret at Changi Airport since we first introduced the brand (there) in 2008. Over the years, the brand has grown to be one of the best-selling labels, with impressive sales turnover,” said Nuance-Watson Singapore MD Ken Tse.

“We have studied the profiles of Victoria’s Secret Beauty and Accessories (VSBA) best customers and almost 70 per cent of sales were to APAC region consumers. Terminal 2 serves the regional bound passengers and to have a VSBA store at this terminal makes perfect sense, in terms of sales opportunity and airport retail offerings.”


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