Eslite entering China

Taiwanese bookstore chain Eslite has confirmed it will open its first China store in 2015.

Eslite will occupy the B1, 52nd and 53rd floors of Shanghai Tower in Pudong, Shanghai, with an expected floor area of 6500 sqm.

The 52nd floor and 53rd floors will provide a cultural communication and creation space featuring reading, experience, study and interaction, while the B1 floor will stage lifestyle, concentrating on the essence of the city and the scope of the Eslite.

“The Eslite’s core value of humanity, art, creation to life coincides with Shanghai Tower’s position of establishing commercial space combining vertical community, business leadership and diversified culture,” said Shanghai Tower chairman Kong Qingwei.

Scheduled for completion in 2015, Shanghai Tower will be 632 metres tall, with 121 floors above ground and five floors underground. It will combine offices, five-star hotels, boutiques, sightseeing, cultural recreation and meeting facilities.

Eslite runs in Taiwan for 24 years as culture-based business model covering bookstore, mall, art gallery, shows, dining, network and logistics. It expanded overseas the first time when it opened in Hong Kong’s Hysan Place mall in 2012.


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