Carrefour offers shoppers app in China

French retailer Carrefour has enhanced its customer offer in China with a new shoppers app, developed with software company Appconomy.

The Carrefour Smart Shopper app combines indoor location sensing technology, a user-friendly, social shopping list, and a sophisticated advertising system that enables retailers to engage with their customers in “a next generation of personalisation”.

The app’s initial three core functions are:

  • Social shopping list: Contains everything on sale and being promoted, as well as regular-priced items in the store and allows shoppers to create shopping lists. A social function allows different shoppers to cooperate to make sure no item is forgotten.
  • Navigation guide: Step by step navigation tells shoppers how to get to the area in the store where the product they want is stocked. The indoor positioning and unique sending technology developed by Appconomy is designed to be hardware-agnostic, allowing it to be suited to any store layout and take advantage of increasingly sophisticated location-sensing hardware advances in the future.
  • Promotional information: Informs shoppers through targeted, in-app notifications about promotions and products that are relevant to them, as determined by the context of their location inside the store, their selection of particular products, or other dimensions of their behavior and profile.

“We enable leading brands and brick-and-mortar companies to provide a next generation of personalisation to their customers through apps like the Carrefour Smart Shopper that are far superior to that of e-commerce today,” said Appconomy president and co-CEO Brian Magierski.

Currently in use at selected Carrefour stores in Shanghai, the Carrefour Smart Shopper app will be rolled-out across the remainder of Carrefour locations in Shanghai, available to smartphone users through the iTunes App Store and Android app stores.


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