Pop-up shops gain ground

Pop-up shops, which open temporarily to take advantage of a trend or a seasonal product, are gaining ground in Thailand.

Mall operator Siam Piwat, which owns and operates Siam Center and Siam Discovery, has set up a zone called “Another Alternative” specifically to accommodate pop-up shops.

“We created Another Alternative to cope with fast-moving global trends and the varied urban lifestyle,” said Parisa Chatnilbandhu, VP for retail business development at Siam Piwat.

Opening at the zone until February is British magazine Monocle, which sells a range of exclusive giftwares.

Fashion cafe Issue, which also offers fashion and home decor items besides food, and Japanese brand Emoi are also taking up short leases at the mall.

The “Another Alternative” is part of Siam Piwat’s strategy to be a trend-setting shopping centre in Thailand.


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