Smiley to enter India

Global lifestyle fashion brand Smiley plans to set up exclusive stores in India.

It has sought the expertise of Brandspoke to seek Indian partners including distributors, manufacturers, and franchise partners.

Smiley was founded in 1972 by Franklin Loufrani. Its products are sold worldwide, its trademark registered in over 100 countries and active in more than 25 different industries. The Smiley brand and logo have significant exposure through licensees in sectors like clothing, home decoration, perfumery, plush, stationery, publishing, and through promotional campaigns.

“Smiley’s number one market in the digital world is currently India which represents almost 15 per cent of our entire global fan base. Having started to seed our positive values online and seeing the tremendous interaction with our Indian fans we feel it is now time to extend our activities here and provide them with the Smiley products they all dearly wish to see,” said CEO Nicolas Loufrani.


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