Domino’s gets aggressive in India

American pizza chain Domino’s plans to aggressively expand its presence in India notwithstanding the current slowdown there.

Domino’s International EVP Richard Allison said the company expects the India network to overtake that of the UK before December.

The pizza chain plans to open around 10 stores every month in India, where it currently has 700 outlets; in the UK it has 770.

While India’s slowdown is discouraging other companies from further expansion, Domino’s views it as an offensive growth opportunity to catalyse consumption, says Allison.

“We are investing when many others are holding back, accelerating store openings, supply chain investments and doubling training budgets, so that when the market does rebound, we are in better shape than our competitors,” said Allison.

He said India, Japan and Australia remain its fastest growing markets.


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