Comebuy spreads wings in Europe

Chinese e-commerce company Comebuy has expanded into many foreign markets in less than two years and has covered major European countries.

During the period, it has expanded to Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Russia, Norway, Poland, and Sweden.

Comebuy, which mainly sells electronic products such as cellphones, tablet PCs, and accessories, is said to be one of the dark horses among China e-commerce companies, and its fast development is worrying rivals at home and abroad.

Its advantage lies not only in its good and inexpensive products but also its integrated service for its customers. Comebuy has a large number of brand suppliers, and each product has to go through manual multi-inspection to reduce the rate of unqualified products.

It has many warehouses in Europe, and customers can choose from which warehouse to deliver the products, allowing more flexibility in terms of delivery time.

While weaknesses are bolstered in the course of development, Comebuy also focuses on creativity and mechanism improvement to provide customers with better experience.

Strong after-sales service is another hallmark of Comebuy. It has service personnel who speak local European languages to ensure smooth and effective communication, allowing customers to better understand the products.

Comebuy has recently cooperated with large cell phone providers Huawei and ZTE. These providers have launched many cell phones in minority languages, such as ZTE Open C, sold on various Comebuy sites at steep discounts.


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