Cabe Studio expands to China

American womenswear brand Cabe Studio is expanding its Asian presence with four new stores to open in mainland China.

Cabe Studio is a tailored ready to wear brand founded by Kathy Rego. The brand is inspired by classic silhouettes more commonly associated with luxury design houses.

It says customer acceptance in Seoul, South Korea, where it opened two stores in January, makes them confident about expanding into other parts of Asia.

“In spite of the fact we were only able to catch a small part of the Winter season we were very pleased with Hyundai’s request for us to open additional stores in their malls in South Korea later this year before the fall season. This vote of confidence lead to another request for the Cabe Studio line and our decision to open up additional stores but this time with a footprint in upscale cities in mainland China like Tianjin and Qingdao,” says Premiere Opportunities Group, Cabe Studio’s partner in Asia.

“We expect that having a footprint of 12 stores going into the Fall season will not only increase our aggregate sales and profits but also start to qualify and fortify the Cabe Studio line as a brand to be sought after by upscale shoppers in mainland China and SE Asia,” it says.


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