[:en]SM’s profit climbs [:zh]SM的利润攀升

[:en]Philippines shopping mall developer SM Prime achieved a net income of 4.58 billion pesos ($103.10 million) during the first three months of the year. That’s 11 per cent higher than last year’s 4.11 billion pesos ($92.5 million). Consolidated revenues, rose three per cent year on year to 15.35 billion pesos ($345.6 million) from 14.95 billion pesos ($336.6 million). Rental revenues accounted for 56 per cent of revenue, and grew 12 per cent to 8.56 billion pesos in 2014 from 7.63 billion pesos a year earlier. The increase in rents was primarily due to new malls opened in 2012 and 2013 – SM City Olongapo, SM City Consolacion, SM City San Fernando, SM City General Santos, SM Lanang Premier, SM Aura Premier and SM City BF Parañaque. “We are off to a good start this year maintaining a steady growth for the first quarter of 2014. As we move towards our five-year roadmap, we are very optimistic that SM Prime will achieve its targets,” said SM Prime president Hans Sy. SM Prime will spend 70.57 billion pesos ($1.6 billion) this year, more than half of which will be used to fund mall developments in the Philippines and China. The developer plans to open more than 30 new malls in the Philippines and another 11 in China in the next five years.


菲律宾摩尔购物中心开发商SM Prime在今年前三个月实现45.8亿比索(约1.031 亿美元)的净收入。

这比去年同期的41.1亿比索(约0.925亿美元)高出了11% 。


租金收入占56 %的收入,2014年增长了12%。由去年同期的76.3亿比索增长到85.6亿比索。

租金增长主要是因为在2012年和2013年新开了几家商场:SM City Olongapo(奥隆加坡市), SM City Consolacion(宿务市), SM City San Fernando(邦板牙), SM City General Santos(棉兰老岛南部), SM Lanang Premier(达沃市), SM Aura Premier(塔吉格市) and SM City BF Parañaque(帕拉納克市)。

“维持2014年第一季度的稳定增长是今年一个良好的开端。随着我们迈向集团的五年发展蓝图,我们非常乐观地认为, SM Prime将实现其目标, ” SM Prime总裁施汉生说。

今年,SM Prime将斥资705.7亿比索(约16亿美元),其中超过一半将用于菲律宾和中国购物中心的发展。

在未来的五年里,开发商计划在菲律宾新开30多个购物中心,另外在中国也将新开11 个购物中心。


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