[:en]Metro China goes omnichannel[:zh]麦德龙在中国的全渠道零售战略

[:en]German retailer Metro focusing on an omnichannel strategy to build market share in China.

The retailer is upgrading its website MetroMall.com to allow shoppers to place their orders online and pick them up at Metro cash and carry stores.

The upgrade will also enable shoppers to access the website, in Chinese and English, through their mobile devices and via social media.

“Aiming to be ‘the champion for independent business’ and a focused multichannel specialist, we’re dedicated to support our local customers to be even more successful by providing them with high-quality products, unique solutions at competitive wholesale prices,” said Jeroen de Groot, president of Metro China.

Besides the MetroMall.com, Metro sells products through its 77 才bricks and mortar stores across China.




“为了成为‘独立的企业之冠’并注重多渠道精通,我们致力于支持我们的本地客户,为他们提供有高品质产品和独特解决方案的有竞争力的批发价格,”麦德龙中国区总裁Jeroen de Groot说。