[:en]M&S eyes 100 India stores[:zh]M&S 聚焦100家在印度的商店

[:en]British retailer Marks & Spencer plans a rapid rollout in India to grow sales. M&S plans to open 60 new stores in the nation over the next two years, in addition to its existing 40 there. It is targeting to have around 20 lingerie and beauty stores by 2016, the first of which opened in Mumbai earlier this month. “Together with our partner Reliance Retail, we are continuing to invest into accelerating our growth in India as we build a leadership position in the market,” said Venu Nair, MD of Marks & Spencer Reliance India. The retailer said performance in India is fairly satisfactory as like-for-like sales rose 13 per cent in fiscal 2013-14. M&S plans to open 250 new stores outside the UK over the next three years.

[:zh]英国零售商Marks & Spencer正准备一个高速部署以用于增加在印度的销售额。

M&S 计划在未来两年内,在现有40家店的基础上,于全国再开60家新店。


Mark & Spencer印度地区总经理Venu Nair说:“由于已经建立了市场的领导地位,我们愿意以我们的合作伙伴Reliance零售商一起继续投资印度市场,促进增长。


M&S 计划于未来三年在英国以外的地区开250家新店。