[:en]Tesco bullish on India[:zh]Tesco看好印度市场

[:en]The world’s second largest retailer Tesco is undaunted by the new political uncertainty in India.

Tesco and its JV partner Trent of Tata Group remain on track to expand in Maharashtra and Karnataka, which, among other states, allow FDI in multi-brand retail.

Trent and Tesco agreed to equally own Trent Hypermarket which operates ‘Star Bazaar’ and ‘Star Daily’ brands.

“We firmly believe that our partnerships in both China and India will allow us to capitalise on these enormously exciting markets in a way which is disciplined in our use of capital and focused on profitable growth,” says Tesco CEO Philip Clarke.

Trent chairman Noel Tata says they intend to open at least five new stores every year in Maharashtra and Karnataka, in addition to the existing 12 there.

“We believe that these mid-sized formats will reach profitability faster. It’s an exciting time for the business,” he said.

Tesco’s willful expansion plan for India comes at a time when its rival French Carrefour is pulling out of the country by selling its assets there.



Trent和Tesco同意将共同等分拥有Trent大卖场,经营“Star Bazaar”和“Star Daily”品牌。

“我们坚信,我们在中国和印度的合作伙伴关系将使我们能够用符合我们资金及专注于有盈利增长的方式,更好的利用这个非常令人激动的市场。”Tesco的CEO Philip Clarke说。

Trent主席Noel Tata说,除了现有的12家店,他们打算每年在马哈拉施特拉邦和卡纳塔克邦再开设至少五家新店。