[:en]Asians love shopping by mobile [:zh]亚洲区对手机购物的热衷

[:en]Mobile shopping is on the rise in Asia Pacific in step with the growing number of smartphone and tablet users.

Reports say smartphones and tablet computers are expected to further fuel the growth of online retail sales in the Asia Pacific to more than $400 billion a year by 2018.

According to Euromonitor, smartphone users in Asia Pacific will increase from around 390 million in 2013 to nearly 700 million by 2017.

Meanwhile, tablet and other portable computer users will rise to more than 56 million in 2017 from nearly 30 million last year.

The region’s online retail sales will account 7.3 per cent of the total retail sales in 2018, says Euromonitor.

Cashing in on this trend, more and more retailers are optimising their websites for mobile devices.

“Retailers are acutely aware of this trend and most have optimised their websites for mobile browsing. The ease of online purchases and the ability to shop 24/7 are key factors in driving Internet retailing on mobile devices,” said Loo Wee Teck, head of consumer electronics at Euromonitor.





该地区的网上零售额将占2018年总零售额的7.3% ,欧睿说。


“零售商们敏锐地觉察到这种趋势,所以他们大多优化了他们的网站,使网站可以进行移动浏览。网上购物的方便和全天营业能力是推动移动设备互联网零售的关键因素, ”欧睿电子产品消费负责人Loo Wee Teck说。