[:en]Reliance marries online and offline[:zh]Reliance推出在线和离线整合业务

[:en]India’s Reliance Retail plans to expand its retailing businesses online.

The retailer, with 1691 stores in 146 Indian cities, plans to launch an e-commerce portal integrating online and offline shopping, for launch as early as this year.

“Since they have a large network of stores, they will enable shoppers to place orders anywhere and get it delivered anywhere they like,” said sources.

Its move to join the e-tail bandwagon comes at a time when the e-commerce market is heating up in India and is expected to touch US$56 billion by 2023.

“Continued expansion is the way ahead. The roadmap is clear – it will be achieved by growing in existing markets and foraying into unexplored markets,” said Reliance Industries in its annual report.

The retailer operates several retail formats including cash and carry, electronics stores and value stores.

Its 2013 pre-tax profit stood at $60.3 million.





“续扩张是未来的道路的方向。该路线图是清晰的 — 它会在增长现有市场和进入未开发市场中取得成就。”信实工业公司年度报告中指出。