[:en]Singaporean coffee chain hits Hong Kong[:zh]新加坡咖啡连锁店来袭香港

[:en]Ya Kun, a chain of coffee shops based in Singapore, has opened its first coffee shop in Hong Kong.

Ya Kun is known for its premium coffee and traditional kaya butter toast. Its Hong Kong outlet, in Tsim Sha Tsui, offers Singaporean dishes like Singaporean chicken rice and Hong Kong fare including scrambled eggs and cheese, beef balls noodle soup and fresh seafood salad to cater to the city’s diverse demands. 

The brand is franchised to KG Group Holding Limited in Hong Kong and Macau.

“The increasing demand in the Hong Kong F&B market has prompted our expansion to the city. Our team members here in Hong Kong will focus entirely on the strategic development and growth of the Hong Kong market as their first priority. They will be responsible for ensuring the growth of the brand and business by setting up more high quality stores in the city,” said Ya Kun CEO Marc Leoi.

“Hong Kong’s proximity to the Mainland and other parts of the world, plus its world class logistics infrastructure also make it more cost effective and suitable as a regional logistics and distribution centre.”

Long term, Ya Kun is looking at basing its regional headquarters in the city, he said. 

Founded in 1944, Ya Kun now operates a franchise network covering Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, China, Myanmar, the United Arab Emirates and now Hong Kong.

After Hong Kong, the group is considering opening outlets in Cambodia and Thailand.




“香港餐饮市场需求的不断增长,促使我们拓展到城市。我们在香港的团队将专注于香港市场的战略发展及增长,并将其作为其首要任务。他们将在城市设立更多优质的门店,为品牌和业务负责。”亚坤的首席执行官Marc Leoi说。