Fossil opens first Asian airport store

Handbags and accessories retailer Fossil has opened its first concept store in Asia travel retail.

The store is located at Changi Airport’s Terminal 2 Departure Transit Lounge and is managed by Nuance-Watson Singapore.

The 34 sqm retail space offers extensive range of women’s and men’s accessories, small and large leather goods such bags and wallets, as well as travel accessories, and watches.

It is the 29th retail store operated by the Nuance-Watson whose current portfolio of brands under its umbrella spans established cosmetics and fashion names like Perfumes & Cosmetics, MCM, Samsonite, Victoria’s Secret, Emporio Armani and upcoming Bally.

Ken Tse, MD of Nuance-Watson Singapore, Fossil’s brand positioning and price points cater to the huge and rising group of middle income Asian passengers passing through, particularly the abundance of leisure travellers on the low cost carriers.

“As the first Accessory concept store in Asian airports, we believe that Fossil’s quality products with affordable pricing will appeal to the passengers from a larger branding perspective,” he said.




它是Nuance-Watson的第29家零售品牌店,其品牌目前的投资组合根据其保护伞跨越建立化妆品和时尚品牌如Perfumes & Cosmetics,MCM,Samsonite,Victoria’s Secret,Emporio Arman和即将推出的Bally时尚品牌。

新加坡Nuance-Watson的MD Ken Tse指出,Fossil的品牌定位和价位迎合数量庞大及不断上升的中等收入亚洲乘客,特别是对低航运花费的休闲旅客。