SM Supermalls honored

SM Supermalls has clinched, for the second year, the Platinum Reader’s Digest ‘Trusted Brand Award’ for the shopping mall category in the Philippines for 2014.

The Trusted Brand Award reflects SM Supermalls’ “commitment to trustworthiness and credibility, quality, value, understanding of customer needs, innovation and social responsibility”.

SM Supermalls says it is committed to providing the highest level of service to its shoppers with well-curated local and global fashion brands through partnerships with the world’s best retailers; a well-planned mix of food tenants giving the market a taste of the best in the local and global scene; a wide array of entertainment options; architectural eco-friendly designs and a warm and welcoming ambience that allows shoppers from all walks of life to feel safe, comfortable and happy.

The company’s duty goes beyond serving its customers inside the malls as it also implements sustainability programs benefitting the communities where an SM mall is located.

In just over five decades, SM Supermalls has grown into the Philippines’ most patronised chain of malls, rapidly growing to 49 malls in the country, three of which (SM North EDSA, SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia) are among the biggest malls in the world. SM Supermalls also owns and operates five malls in China.

[:zh]SM Supermalls夺得2014年菲律宾商场类白金读者文摘“信誉品牌奖”,此次已为其第二次获得该奖。

该信誉品牌奖反映SM Supermalls“承诺诚信和信誉,品质,价值,理解客户需求,创新及社会责任”。

SM Supermalls说,这是致力于通过与世界最好的零售商合作,为客户提供高水平且精心策划的本地和全球的时尚品牌服务。食品租户提供本地及全球市场上最好的味道,;娱乐选择范围广泛;建筑环保设计和温馨亲切的氛围,让来自各行各业的消费者感到安全,舒适和快乐。


仅在过去五十年中,SM Supermalls已经成长为菲律宾最受欢迎的连锁商场,其迅速增长到49个国内商场,其中三个((SM North EDSA, SM Megamall 和 SM Mall of Asia)是世界上前三大的商场。 SM Supermalls在中国也拥有购物中心。