Alibaba trials drone delivery

Alibaba is testing drone delivery in China in a three day pilot program.

The Chinese internet powerhouse is delivering packages by remote control, according to website TechInAsia, in partnership with Shanghai YTO Express. The program runs from February 4 to 6, according to a post on Alibaba subsidiary Taobao’s website.

The drone test is bringing a dream of US-based Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos’ into reality,

In the trial, about 450 customers will get the chance to have their goods delivered by drone. The items on the pre-set list of available products.

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Packages, which must weigh less than 340 grams, will be delivered within one hour. Customers must live within a certain radius of specific distribution sites in Guangzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai.

SF Express, another major logistics firm in China with its own fleet of scooters, vans, and airplanes, has also conducted internal drone delivery tests since 2013. However, Taobao and YTO’s pilot program looks to be the first public campaign.

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