Fast fashion future for Victoria’s Secret

The stunning global success of European fast fashion experts Zara and H&M is promoting a shift in strategy for what is possibly the world’s best known lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret.

According to a report by Business Insider, Victoria’s Secret is getting into fast fashion.

The US-based brand revealed in a conference call with analysts the company plans to hasten its design and re-stocking process

“Basically almost all of our panties today are on some kind of speed program,” CEO Sharen Turney said in the conference call.

“And those speed programs allow us to read the business on a Monday and be back in stock in the stores within 15 to 25 days.”

It also wants to shorten the timeline between design and shelf, the report said.

“We’ve already taken probably four months out of our development time and believe there is probably another two months to continue to work in,” Turney said.

Read the full report and analysis on Business Insider.



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