Lenovo Malaysia to boost retail focus

Lenovo Malaysia says it will expand its retail presence as it aims to grow its share of the PC market.

The company unveiled a transformation strategy this week based on new business models to its Malaysian channel partners.

It says it is in a “continuous shift on the entire device and connected ecosystem” with increased emphasis on “human-centric designs” ranging from wearable devices, smartphones and tablets to personal computers, servers, software and clouds based services.

Lenovo said in statement that it planned to continue to invest in Malaysia to attain market leadership in all segments.

Part of this means more stores and retail points of sale, investment in infrastructure and a commitment to driving innovation.

Despite Malaysia’s lacklustre economy – blamed on the introduction of six per cent GST on April 1, Lenovo is convinced the market holds strong potential for the brand.

Beijing-headquartered Lenovo says it has experienced hypergrowth” in Southeast Asia during the first four months of this year and claims to now hold more than 28 per cent market share in mobile computing.

Dr Harry Yang, Southeast Asia region VP and GM, said the strong momentum was continuing and Malaysia was a key market in driving that growth. “SEA is a mix of mature markets with an appetite for premium and cutting-edge technology, and fast growing emerging markets with entry-level technology penetration, giving us the opportunity to grow market share quickly,” he said.

Globally, Lenovo recorded 21 per cent year on year growth in the fourth quarter to March 31 with revenues totalling US$11.3 billion, despite a sluggish economic environment in many regions and currency fluctuations.


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