Jia Plus Taiwan opens in Suzhou

Hong Kong headquartered homewares company JIA Inc has opened its first JIA Plus store in Mainland China.

JIA Plus opened this week in Shin Kong Place, Suzhou. It features a curated collection of home and kitchen wares sourced from its own portfolio, along with European brands including Italesse Italian cutlery, Denmark’s Menu, German cutlery label Mono and French wine accessories maker L’Atelier du Vin.

JIA Taiwan  2

The retailer says the store aims to provide “a guide to a better life”.

“Starting off from the kitchen essentials, JIA aims to unify Hong Kong’s civilisation, Taiwan’s creativity and China’s cultures into one important Chinese [statement] to the world,” said JIA Inc founder Christopher Lin, who is Taiwanese.

JIA Taiwan 5

“And that nothing is greater than food – the most basic necessity for everyday people. At the same time, Jia designs splendid homeware products and successfully establishes the brand as the leading Chinese design brand in the international homeware market, showing the world the cumulative synergy that Chinese culture has to offer.”

JIA Taiwan 3

The new store features a garden on the ground floor designed by Taiwanese architect An Yu Qian, inspired by journeys on the Silk Rd.

The modern, minimalist design features concrete, metal bars and earth-toned timber.

JIA Taiwan  1

Stock is displayed by category.

JIA Taiwan 4

JIA Plus’ open space concept features intertwined metal bars and earth-toned wood. The products are grouped by category.


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