Miu Miu Indonesia debuts

Miu Miu has opened its first store in Indonesia, in Jakarta’s prestigious Pacific Place shopping mall.

The space, designed by the architect Roberto Baciocchi, extends over a surface area of 230 sqm on the ground floor of the mall and is dedicated to bag, accessory, footwear and ready-to-wear collections.

Miu Miu Indonesia has opened in the same shopping centre as its parent brand Prada.

A plate glass façade backed by perforated metal curtain immediately establishes the innovative character of the brand. Elegant polished steel edges mark out the openings, framing precious windows and an imposing entrance clad in brown marble.

The interior is divided into three distinct rooms, each offering a different product category.

The first, dedicated to leather goods, is covered in floor-to-ceiling mirror and iconic damask with fabric display niches inset into walls. A second room features smaller leather pieces and accessories displayed in more damask niches.

The final room is home to ready-to-wear and footwear. Again Miu Miu damask features throughout, on walls and backing full-length niches.

Glass counters with lightweight metal frames are placed centrally on a marble floor covered with luxurious beige carpet. Velvet mohair armchairs and coffee tables are the final intimate touch.

Pacific Place Mall is located in the Sudirman CBD of South Jakarta.


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