Muji unveils the Muji Hut

Anti-brand department store Muji has opened a pop up store in Japan to unveil a prefabricated cottage it calls the Muji Hut.

With a cult following throughout Asia for its simple, clean, brandless designs of homewares, its development of ‘Vertical Houses’ in Japan has drawn widespread attention for their innovative, quirky designs.

This week the company unveiled the new Muji Hut concept at a pop-up design event in Tokyo.

Muji Hut Japan 1

The concept goes like this: In Japanese cities, people have learned to live in a compact home. But on the weekend, it’s time to get outside, enjoy nature, and cozy up inside a cabin.

Muji Hut cork

“We gather around the fireplace, enjoy each other’s company,” the exhibit’s welcome sign says. “Muji now invites you to slip away from the hustle and bustle of the city to a place where you can feel instantly at home and at ease.”

Muiji Hut Japan 2

Muji demonstrated three huts, ranging in size, complexity and materials. One has cork exterior, one wood and one aluminium.

The largest, a cork hut, was designed by Jasper Morrison, who has long collaborated with Muji. The mini house includes a main room with fireplace, a bathroom with shower and a kitchen with a stove.

Muji Hut

Take a look at the concept on the website which features a full screen animated presentation. (Scroll down to see the Muji Huts).


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