New Yahoo Hong Kong-Taiwan cross-border eCommerce platform

Yahoo Hong Kong has launched its Yahoo Hong Kong-Taiwan cross-border eCommerce platform today.

In the first stage, more than 100 Taiwanese brands accredited with the Made in Taiwan Smile Logo will enter the Hong Kong market – in categories ranging from food to fashion and to beauty and cosmetics.

Stage two will see Yahoo adding Hong Kong products for sale into Taiwan.

Yahoo says it wants to create the largest cross-border eCommerce network between the two markets.

Jacky Wang, VP, eCommerce group, Yahoo Taiwan & Hong Kong said that with the launch of the new platform, geographical boundaries are eliminated.

“We are delighted to bring Hong Kong consumers the best, original quality products of Taiwan through the 11.11 Online Shopping Festival. This allows e-merchants from both places to reach the huge online buying customer base, which is extremely beneficial to them in increasing sales and for online branding.

“Yahoo Hong Kong’s B2B2C Flagship store will start operating this month, through which Hong Kong consumers can purchase a wide variety of Made In Taiwan products on the platform,” said Wang.

“Soon, Taiwan consumers will also be able to purchase Hong Kong’s popular products, such as cookies and palmiers which are popular with Taiwanese.”

All of the more than 100 Taiwanese e-merchants joining the Yahoo Hong Kong eCommerce platform are selling 100 per cent original, Made In Taiwan Smile logo-accredited quality brands.  These include Dr Morita facial masks, Taiwan’s famous pineapple cake brand SunnyHills and other brands, including meat jerky, tea leaves and noodles.

The e-merchants crossing the border to Hong Kong with Yahoo will receive all-round cross-border one-stop merchant solutions from Yahoo Taiwan and Yahoo Hong Kong. These range from a special starter package to support for logistics, cash flow and store operations and management, offering detailed guidance to help their brand to take the initial step in cross-border eCommerce, and satisfying the expectations of the online shoppers in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

SunnyHills has sold more than 10,000 boxes of cakes online into Hong Kong this year already.

Damian Lee, GM, said Yahoo Hong Kong and Taiwan have the highest reach rates and Yahoo’s online shopping platform is the best one in Taiwan.

“With the largest volume of traffic flow and the highest popularity, it offers us the best virtual support for our products and backing for our brand. It also provides one-stop logistics and cash flow solutions that lower our cross-border costs and management time, offering the best O2O eCommerce shopping experience to consumers in the most effective way.”

What Hongkongers and Taiwanese want

Francis Che, head of insights, strategy and research with Yahoo APAC shared the latest eCommerce promotion and analysis research.

  • Hong Kong has an online buying population of 2.9 million, representing 53 per cent of the total online population.
  • 74 per cent of Hongkongers have used overseas buying services, or overseas cargo or shipping services to buy products from all over the world.
  • Over 30 per cent of the online buying population hopes that online buying apps can proactively notify them of the offers and discounts of nearby stores and recommend some stores for purchases.
  • The older buying population (aged 40 plus) use mobile devices to browse online shopping sites is growing rapidly.
  • The most sought after items purchased online in both markets is the same: Apparel. For the full top 10 list, refer to the chart below:


Meanwhile, Yahoo Hong Kong will launch the 11.11 Online Shopping Festival offers on November 11, including the sale of an Oto Adelle One Massage Chair at just $999 (Value: $14,800), with the Oto Lite Footie (Value: $1680) bundled together as a gift.

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