Korea consumer protection app unveiled

A Korea consumer protection app is being developed by the government offering “comprehensive consumer advice” on 10 million products.

The Fair Trade Commission (FTC) has revealed detailed plans to create a comprehensive consumer support smartphone app, scheduled for release later this year and which will also offer access to 75 consumer redress services.

Individuals purchasing expensive products such as cars, or products related to health care or children, can download the app and take a picture of the barcode of the product they are purchasing.

Individuals buying washing machines, can take a picture of a bar code to check if the product has been recalled or if they it has been KS assured before making a purchasing decision.

If the app alerts the user that the product has been recalled, the individual can file a damages claim and wait for results.

To realise the system, the FTC plans to gather more than 10 million pieces of product information based on the standard bar code data of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The 75 consumer protection outlets including the Korea Consumer Agency, Korean Pharmaceutical Safety Institute, and Korea National Council of Consumer Organization will be summed up into one entity. The measures will be taken to eliminate the inconvenience consumers had not knowing where to report their troubles.

When complaints or damage claims are submitted through the app, the organisation in charge is automatically assigned to the case, and the consumer can receive a response through the app.

Products from luxury brands purchased through the internet can be checked for authenticity using the app’s QR code scanner.

Information related to domestic meat products can be seen, and terms of credit cards, insurance and other financial products will also be included in the app.

  • Original reporting by Kevin Lee.

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