Eataly South Korea makes debut

American dining concept Eataly has arrived in South Korea, on the first floor of high-end department store Hyundai in Seoul.

It reflects the company’s basic philosophy of being a place where customers can eat, shop and learn about quality food and drink.


Covering 1950 sqm, Eataly Seoul features a cafe, take-away counters and restaurants. The market features both local and Italian food and drink, with products sourced from small-scale farmers in South Korea offered alongside artisanal Italian products familiar to the brand.

eataly 2

Like Eataly in New York and Chicago, the Eataly South Korea outlet offers regional Italian dishes in the restaurants, with the ingredients available in the marketplace along with recommended recipes. Workshops are also offered.

Eataly also has stores in Brazil, Dubai, Istanbul, Italy and Japan.

eataly 3


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