PChome InterPay wins e-banking licence

A specialist company has obtained an electronic business licence that will enable it to serve millions of eCommerce shoppers in Taiwan.

PChome InterPay is a wholly owned subsidiary of PChomePay, which in turn is a subsidiary of eCommerce giant PChome Group, established in 1998. It has been given its licence by the Taiwan Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC), and after launching officially will be serving 3.3 million users from PChomePay, three million users from PChomeStore, 1 million sellers and 8.8 million buyers from Ruten Auction, and 8 million users from PChome24h.

It is initially expected to connect tens of millions of consumers within PChome group, but is also actively seeking coalition opportunities with eCommerce platforms outside the group.

“Taiwan’s eCommerce is booming with various models and industries, and the online-payment industry plays a key role in it,” says PChome InterPay chairman Hung­Tze Jan. “Developing feasible and useful online-payment solutions will encourage more businesses to promote eCommerce.”

PChome InterPay’s users will be able to use their stored-value funds to pay for online shopping. Funds will also be easy to transfer between e-payment accounts. To increase eCommerce penetration, the company’s goal is not limited to existing customers on the group’s eCommerce platforms. Its business scope includes collecting and making payments for real transactions as an agent, accepting deposits as stored-value funds, and transferring funds between e-payment accounts.


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