Espoir concept store tribute to fashion shows

An illuminated central catwalk is centrestage in the new Espoir concept store in Seoul.

Designed by Alta Architecture, the 80 sqm cosmetics store is a tribute to fashion shows.

At the end of the catwalk, a seamless LED video animation adds a sense of theatrics, and draws passers-by into the store. The screen is a digital canvas to showcase seasonal campaigns and product launches.


A mirrored interior wall by the storefront reflects the pedestrian and traffic patterns of the street beyond, and enables customers to catch a glimpse of their makeover on the way out.


Black industrial pipe fittings create a flexible and modular fixture system that allows for hanging, wall-mounted, or rolling-table configurations. The prototype shop also has a custom kit of parts that can be efficiently and economically rolled out at new locations, pop-up events and travel retail outposts.


Each fixture has mirrors, a changeable magnetic graphics board and drawers for product storage. Strategically placed mirrors draw in natural light from the street and let customers self-test products while standing. The central video animation is reflected in some of the mirrors, resulting in an ever-changing kaleidoscopic environment.



Beyond the open sales floor, there is a make-up artist studio and a semi-private consultation room. The cash desk, wrap station and AV controls are within a compact counter behind the LED screen.


Led by Natalie Cheng, the Alta Architecture team integrated all the project components including façade and signs, interior materials, custom fixtures, lighting, visual merchandising, graphics and video content.

Espoir is an AmorePacific brand.


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