Carrefour Poland unveils new concept

Carrefour Poland has opened its first Premium Market to improve the customer experience and provide a tailored offering and innovative services to customers.

The Białołęka Market has a floor area of 2020 sqm and a new layout with wide aisles, clearly marked departments and low gondolas to enable customers to access their products more easily. The company says these improvements “have made the store more spacious and welcoming”.

Innovation extends all the way to the checkouts, where the displays have been replaced by digital screens.

Poles are showing ever-increasing interest in healthy eating and are more and more mindful of product quality, so the store offers a selection of organic fruit and vegetables, and soya-based, gluten-free and diabetic products. The store also enables its urban customers, who are discerning in the products they buy, to follow their creation with, for example, a ripening room and a meat smoker. They may also juice fruit they have selected in the self-service section.

The Warsaw Market also offers a wide range of “world cuisine” products: American, French (“Reflets de France” range) and Italian (“Terre d’Italia” brand). In addition, the store also carries a permanent range of bulk products such as pasta, coffee, sweets and cakes, plus petfoods.

To help customers in the preparation of their meals, the aisle-end product staging has been rethought and now applies cross-merchandising by associating products such as pasta and tomato sauce, brioches and spreads etc.

Białołęka Market has introduced a promotional campaign, “Zyskuj na okrągło” (Always a benefit), guaranteeing a low rounded price for everyday products in the different departments.


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