Starbucks Disneytown cafe opens

Starbucks has opened its first flagship store within a Disney resort in Asia.

The new Starbucks Disneytown Shanghai cafe opened on Wednesday. It will employ 110 staff creating a destination for resort-goers to relax and recharge.

“We will bring to life the craft of coffee in an immersive environment which will include new menu ordering options through a variety of mobile devices,” said Starbucks in a statement.


With the addition of this latest flagship store in Shanghai, China will be the only market in Starbucks China and Asia Pacific region to pioneer and operate four distinct flagship stores.

“China today represents the most significant and exciting opportunity ahead for Starbucks and our aspiration is to delight our customers and partners throughout China with an extraordinary store experience,” said John Culver, group president of Starbucks China and Asia Pacific.

“We expect the Starbucks Disneytown flagship store to be one of our busiest stores globally, serving and bringing the unique Starbucks experience to thousands of customers daily,” said Culver.

“This store builds on our ongoing commitment to the China market, following the announcement of our plans to open a Starbucks Roastery and Reserve Tasting Room in Shanghai late next year.”

“First of its kind experience”

Reflective of Starbucks unique, sophisticated and locally relevant design, customers will immediately recognise the two-story Starbucks Disneytown store located at the crossroads of the shopping, dining and entertainment district just outside the main entrance to the theme park, adjacent to the Wishing Star Park. Atop the store, a specially crafted wind vane will evoke the playfulness of Disney with the Starbucks siren.


Upon entering through grand, castle-like doors customers will be greeted by a Starbucks barista and a sweeping view of a warm, inviting environment created out of natural woods and materials reflecting the raw, agricultural roots of coffee. Seating will surround the cafe bar allowing families and friends to gather, creating connection and community as they immerse in the story of coffee.

The first and second floors of the store will be joined by gently terraced stairs, and the copper wall panels celebrate the different degrees of coffee roasting highlighting the proud coffees in Starbucks portfolio.


Hanging from the ceiling is a delicately constructed piece of artwork designed from gold and white metal wiring inspired by latte art crafted by baristas, while a mural of the Starbucks siren is made out of Starbucks cups. A centerpiece, this mural includes intricately designed silhouette scenes inside a handful of cups designed by local artists representing China’s cultural heritage.



For the first time in China, the traditional menu board is replaced by a digital menu. Customers can order their favorite beverages and food using a mobile handheld device available at the store or from their personal mobile device. This integration of technology offers a convenient experience that was inspired by Starbucks stores in the US, including its express format on Wall St in New York and the Starbucks Roastery located in its hometown of Seattle, Washington.

“This new Starbucks Disneytown Flagship store will bring its own distinctive, unforgettable moments of connection while inspiring playful imagination for customers of all ages,” added Henry Xie, GM of President Starbucks Coffee Shanghai Co.

This new Shanghai location is the 12th Starbucks store globally to open as part of a Disney resort.


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