WearYouWant Thailand sales surge

WearYouWant, the Thai online fashion and beauty retailer, believes finding a balance between offering high-profile international brands and lesser-known local designers is one of the keys to its growth.

Forecasts for the first half year, which ends on June 30, points to a 120 per cent growth in turnover year-on-year.

“Working with large, international brands and distributors, as well as smaller and more localized businesses, WearYouWant offers a uniquely customised eCommerce platform with a strong focus on targeted visibility and curation of merchants’ products,” explains CEO and co-founder Julien Chalte.

Julien Chalte  WYW1

“Brands want to go digital, and need to, but may lack the know-how, time and resources to be hands-on and do so effectively. WearYouWant personalizes the experience, creating and servicing every aspect of a merchant’s outlet, from the graphic design of marketing materials to uploading pack shot images.

“When I look at our monthly pay outs to our merchants it is great to see that we are indeed delivering growth to both the smaller independent designer with only one storefront and the big international brands at the same proportional scale. The secret for us has been to keep the dual focus of B2B and B2C and grow the two at the same pace. That has made us and our big and small merchants successful.”

Minor International, one of Thailand’s leading and largest distributors of lifestyle brands such Gap, Esprit, Bossini and Red Earth, value the partnership with WearYouWant.

James Richard Amatavivadhana, Minor’s CEO, says digital development is rising so fast in Thailand it is important to incorporate the strongest digital sales channels.

James Richard Amatavivadhana_Minor CEO

“The future of retail is changing, but the core principles of trust, confidence and transparency still reign, especially when it comes to eCommerce. WearYouWant has empowered us to grow digitally and has enabled us to create a flagship online outlet allowing widespread visibility to our brands and products as well as an assurance to consumers that the products they shop are genuine.”

Sam Naghi, owner and MD of Sam’s Sports shop, selling mainly sport shoes on WearYouWant, says the site has had a tremendous impact for the brand, creating visibility and increasing sales volume online.

Sam's Sports

“Partnering with WearYouWant has made a huge difference for us. We have a whole new revenue stream and a digital storefront where both our products and brand gets noticed by customers we would have been unable to reach ourselves”, he said.

WearYouWant recently received the Best eCommerce Website Award 2016 from the Ministry of Commerce’s Department of Business Development in two categories:  Best in e-Commerce Management and Best in e-Commerce Trusted Website. The award was presented during the Thailand eCommerce Day held at e-Biz Expo 2016 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.


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