Asian bargain-hunters behave differently by country

Asian bargain-hunters shop differently country-by-country according to a nine-market regional study by research house Kadence.

It found that shoppers in Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan were all most likely to be ‘rummagers’, meaning they are willing to search through every single piece to find a real bargain.

But shoppers in Thailand and India have a less frantic approach to sales. They are more likely to be coordinators (42 and 32 per cent respectively) – shoppers who spend days combing their favourite malls and stores for items they want to snap up at sale time. Online information and price comparisons help the coordinators make smart purchases. This approach is more the style of the male shopper.

Another shopper group identified is the bulk buyer. They buy multiple versions of the same item, such as a certain style in different colours. This is more of a Japanese characteristic, with 28 per cent falling into this category.

Another buyer type is the saver, most likely to be found in Singapore (18 per cent). It is someone who waits for months for an expensive item to become available in a sale. They are typically the first people into the stores when the Great Singapore Sale opens so they can secure their long-awaited purchase.

Finally, there is the impulse buyer who makes an on-the-spot decision to buy when an item catches their eye.

More than half of the shoppers canvassed (in Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand) said they were aware of the Great Singapore Sale, which continues until August 14.


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