Chun Cui He drinks proving elusive

Move over Pokemon: Singaporeans are busy hunting down Chun Cui He drinks, a Taiwanese brand of tea and coffee beverages.

Since the brand made its debut at 7-Eleven convenience stores two weeks ago, patrons have been clearing the shelves of the drinks despite only two of the brand’s 10 flavours (milk tea and latte) being available.

Fans say the beverages, which are best chilled, are creamier and smoother than similar offerings by other brands.

The drinks, which cost S$2.80 (US$2) each, have become so hard to find that people are using social media to post updates of specific 7-Eleven outlets that have stock.

Chun Cui He’s official Singapore Facebook page features numerous posts from fans giving the exact time, date and location of their successful attempts to buy the drinks, which have a shelf life of 12 to 15 days. An IT consultant has even set up a special Facebook page, Chun Cui He Tea Stocks, which is dedicated to stock updates on the drink.

Many fans have had to make multiple trips to different stores across Singapore at all time of day and night to find the product, and some people have started buying the drinks in bulk.

A 7-Eleven Singapore spokesman says the response has been “beyond expectation”.

“They were sold out at all stores within three days of the launch,” she says. “More stocks are progressively coming in and we are working with the supplier to replenish the shelves as fast as possible.”

More flavours will be brought into Singapore in the coming months, including oolong milk tea and white chocolate coffee.

There was a similar craze over the drinks when they were launched in Hong Kong in November, with people buying them in bulk.

In Taiwan, where the drinks are produced by food company Bifido, the drinks are popular with tourists as souvenirs.


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