Hong Kong Trust Mark guarantees genuine goods online

Hong Kong Trust Mark logoA Hong Kong Trust Mark logo launched this week is aimed at reassuring online traders that the products they are buying are genuine.

The Trust Mark is the initiative of the Hong Kong Federation of eCommerce (HKFEC) which is working with the Belt and Road eCommerce Strategic Alliance, whose members include the Guangdong Electronic Commerce Association (GDECA), Russian Association of Internet Trade Companies (AITC), Ecommerce Foundation by Ecommerce Europe, Thailand eCommerce Association (Thai ECA), and Ecommerce Association of India (ECAI). Further discussion is underway between HKFEC and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) for the Trust Mark to be accepted in the UAE.

“The scheme could build a trustworthy image for online trading platform from Hong Kong, and for those who suffer from previous ecommerce shopping experience, the Trust Mark will also provide a channel for complaints and legal consultation,” said Joseph Yuen, HKFEC chairman.

HKFEC, a neutral, non-profit organisation aims to leverage the scheme to promote genuine and quality goods and services from online shops in Hong Kong.

“HKFEC will actively communicate with local government and other organisations to make Hong Kong a better place for eCommerce,” he said.

HKFEC will “aggressively promote” the Hong Kong Trust Mark and encourage more online retailers to participate.

“This could increase the awareness of IP rights and genuine goods from online merchants, and the confidence level from local and foreign visitors to shop in Hong Kong online and strengthen the ‘Shopping Paradise’ brand for Hong Kong among the world.

Online retailers can start applying for the Trust Mark from today online.

The Hong Kong Federation of eCommerce will use a Code of Practice to review each application before granting usage rights of the Trade Mark.

Those who obtain it would be authorised to post the electronic logo of the “Hong Kong Trust Mark” issued by HKFEC on their website and linked to a given webpage. Online shoppers can click on the logo to review the detail and status of the site.

“HKFEC will ensure all members obtain the Trust Mark to follow the Code of Practice, guarantee they never sell any fake product and provide wrongful service descriptions on their website. Consumers can easily distinguish those good and honest online merchants through this Trust Mark,” said HKFEC.

Cheng Xiao, executive VP and secretary general, Guangdong Province Electronic Commerce Association said Mainland Chinese consumers have been “addicted to quality and genuine goods from Hong Kong,” but many are now confused and have had bad experiences buying fake imported goods online.

“The launch of Hong Kong Trust Mark could be beneficial for online merchant and consumer in both Hong Kong and mainland China market.”

“We hope this trust mark will improve trust in distance selling and to make cross-border trading easier,” added Jorij Abraham, GM of eCommerce Foundation by Ecommerce Europe added.

“Buying and selling goods and/or services will take place radically differently in 2020.”


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