CJ O Shopping launching on Lazada

South Korea’s largest TV home-shopping network, CJ O Shopping, will launch a flagship store on Lazada’s online marketplace.

This will enable the network to expand and introduce its house brands in such categories as cosmetics to 560 million consumers in Southeast Asia, including Singapore. CJ O Shopping also offers lifestyle and fashion brands.

Lazada covers Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. The partnership will kick off in Malaysia followed by Thailand, then other countries.

“CJ O Shopping plans to become the biggest online distributor of South Korean products in Southeast Asia,” says executive VP Jeong Nim Jin, who has signed a memorandum of understanding with Lazada Group president Stein Jakob Oeie.

“We see huge potential in this region, and we are confident of a first-mover advantage.”

Founded in 1994, CJ O Shopping was South Korea’s first registered TV home-shopping company. It was also the first South Korean TV home-shopping business to expand overseas. Starting with China in 2004, it now has a presence in nine countries.


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