Shin Kong Place marks decade with new look

Taiwan retail group Shin Kong Place (SKP) has celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Beijing property with a re-design by London architect Sybarite.

One of Asia’s largest shopping malls, SKP has been transforming gradually over the past three years into a luxury department store. All seven floors are being reimagined to incorporate a tailored and timeless architectural language that will make the building an iconic house of fashion.

“We’ve created a timeless architectural language for SKP which is carried throughout the store,” says Sybarite Architects co-founder Torquil McIntosh. “Luxury brands are accustomed to being more prominent than a store’s identity, but the unparalleled success we have seen at SKP means that both the brands and the customer are seeing the benefits of the department store’s redesign.”

He says Sybarite captured the essence of the brand and applied it holistically from SKP’s logo through to the architecture, with inspiration from art and Gothic architecture. Pinched-in columns mesh into the ceiling to allow for extra light into the space, typical of a cathedral. The SKP logo’s curve is replicated throughout the building.

“Thanks to Sybarite’s work, customers will always be aware of the parent brand,” says SKP senior director for store planning and design Michael Ferrera.

Unusual for such projects in China, the project work was undertaken in staggered phases so the department store could keep trading. The technology, sports and children’s department and the restaurant all being re-shaped for opening over the next 18 months.

In the UK, Sybarite has been given a Queen’s Award for its work in China. Launched 15 years ago, the firm has had projects in more than 100 cities internationally.


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