‘Active Beauty’ the next new trend in personal care industry

‘Active Beauty’ is the next key trend set to impact the global beauty and personal care industry in 2017, according to Mintel Beauty & Personal Care.

“Consumers are being encouraged to exercise their bodies and brains, and beauty brands will formulate products to help them in their quest for health and fitness,” says Jane Henderson, global president, beauty and personal care division with Mintel.

“Health and wellness is increasingly talked about as an integral part of daily life from a physical and an emotional standpoint. Now, companies and brands are perfectly positioned to better align themselves with this interest by innovating beauty and personal care products designed to meet the unique needs of active consumers.”

Henderson says product benefits claims, protection claims and ergonomic packaging will all take centre stage for brands looking to capitalise on the ‘Active Beauty’ trend.

“In 2017 and beyond, expect to see products that shield the hair and skin from exposure to pollution, ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) light, makeup and gym bags filled with rubberised packaging that stays pristine and exercise clothing that sends skin temperature and hydration levels to apps with instructions about which products to release into the skin.”

Sharon Kwek, senior innovation and insights analyst, beauty and personal care, predicts more brands will drive the ‘Active Beauty’ trend by launching a number of new and innovative products that not only prepare and support consumers before and during physical and mental activity, but aid in the recovery process as well.

“Expect to see beauty brands play with temperature and water-activated products, partner with DNA analysis to provide personalised beauty regimes and team up with retailers on athletic apparel with time-release product features.”


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