Lotteria Burger Laboratory concept to open Korea-wide

London-based consultancy JHP Design has created a fast-dining experience for Asian fast-food restaurant group Lotteria.

The new concept, called the Lotteria Burger Laboratory, features an open kitchen combined with a made-to-order system, so customers can watch the “burgerista” preparing every stage of their meal.

Customers can place orders via an app before arriving, or in store through bespoke tablets as well as at the counter.

Lotteria Burger Laboratory Korea 6

A science and experimental theme in the restaurant is reflected in every aspect of the customer experience. A red industrial ceiling-mounted pipe snakes from the front of the “laboratory” to the back, guiding the customer journey. The ceiling also features an illuminated digital clock indicating how long customers need to wait for their order to be ready.

Lotteria Burger Laboratory Korea 5

Science icons

The walls are decorated with periodic tables, food-assembly diagrams and science-based icons. The chairs have chemical-resistant wire frames and the tables offer power plugs for charging mobile devices.

The seating area offers individual code-writing tables, laboratory benches and breakout booths as found in high-tech start-ups.

Lotteria Burger Laboratory Korea 4

A stainless-steel drinks machine enables customers to mix and refill their own beakers.
With “radioactive” yellow and black doors and frames, the restrooms have acid-resistant white glazed tiles.

Lotteria Burger Laboratory Korea 3

All materials used have low environmental impact. Recycled strawboard, reclaimed porcelain and salvaged waste pipes have all been combined in an environment lit entirely with low-energy LED bulbs, and the kitchen uses hyper-efficient induction cooking equipment. All packaging is recycled and biodegradable.

Lotteria Burger Laboratory Korea 2

The first Burger Lab opened in Seoul last November, built in just four weeks at a total cost of US$480,000. The concept is now being rolled out across the company’s 3000 outlets throughout Asia.

Lotteria Burger Laboratory Korea 1

The Lotteria Burger Laboratory sources its ingredients solely from Lotteria’s own vertically integrated sustainable farms. As well as beef, chicken and shrimp burgers and fries, the new outlet offers local specialties and vegetarian options.

Lotteria is owned by Lotte, a conglomerate established in 1948 with headquarters in Japan and South Korea.


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