Vietnam chain launches as BigPhone in Cambodia

Vietnam’s The Gioi Di Dong chain has opened its first store in Cambodia, named BigPhone.

While the name is different and in English, the brand identity and colour scheme matches the company’s phone outlets in Vietnam.

The Gioi Di Dong director Doan Van Hieu Em has released photographs of the Phnom Penh shop on his personal Facebook page, the group’s first store outside Vietnam.

Big Phone


CEO Tran Kinh Doanh says more stores will be opened in Cambodia this year. The brand name was changed to be meaningful in Cambodia.

Joint stock company The Gioi Di Dong has nearly 1300 stores in Vietnam, including home electronics outlet Dien May Xanh. Last year the company achieved sales of about US$2 billion, making it the largest retailer in Vietnam, surpassing such major chains as Co-op Mart.

Meanwhile, a photograph of a second BigPhone store in Phnom Penh has been uploaded to Facebook by a user named Nguyen Vu Truong. However, the BigPhone website shows only one store location.


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