Miniso has big plans for India, Indonesia

Chinese variety retailer Miniso is planning to establish subsidiary corporations in India and Indonesia as well as four other territories.

Miniso international office chief director Vincent Huang says it is a step forward to the company’s global expansion.

Based on its development momentum, the number of Miniso stores will be doubled and the sales volume will be six times as much as now by 2020, says Huang following a four-day seminar in Bangkok for more than 50 international sole agents.

After three years’ development, Miniso has more than 1000 stores around the world.



  1. Surbhi Khemka posted on January 7, 2018

    I'm in interested in opening a franchise in Myanmar, Mandalay. Please, help me with some details on the same. reply

  2. Jagrriti posted on September 3, 2017

    Hi I am interested in taking miniso franchise in lucknow please get in touch.Thanks. M:9935886000,8853058555 reply

  3. Mohammad Ali Biplob posted on August 29, 2017

    I went through to Miniso's web site and store . Got Interested to franchise Miniso all over Bangladesh. Population of Bangladesh is approx 200 millions. So 200 million people s market waiting for Miniso . Plz let us know details criteria. Thank you so much for your valuable time. reply

  4. Md. Hasanuzzaman posted on August 7, 2017

    please let me know the process/requirements for opening a MINISO store in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have visited one of your shop in Beijing last week. reply

    • Mahima Kapoor posted on August 23, 2017

      Hi I am interested in opening up miniso stores in Delhi and Gurgaon. Kindly provide me with your franchise terms and conditions along with the other details. Highly interested in the same. Kind Regards, Mahima Kapoor reply

  5. Vikas Singla posted on August 2, 2017

    I'm interested to franchisee for all Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh. We have already network in these states thanks . Regards VIKAS SINGLA. plz contact us +919779000017,+919464500017 reply

  6. Kashish M posted on July 27, 2017

    Hi... Interested in opening up Miniso stores and more business and growth plans. Kindly let me know how to contact. Thanks reply

  7. Ripsy Dhody posted on July 10, 2017

    Hi, I am interested in opening store in Gurugram. Look forward to her from you. Thanks & Regards, Ripsy Dhody reply

  8. Naveen posted on June 29, 2017

    Hi I'm interested as well to open a store in M.P india. Kindly share necessary details. reply

  9. Sandeep Agarwal posted on June 28, 2017

    I am very much interested in Miniso. Kindly send details. reply

    • Hermin posted on August 17, 2017

      I interest open shops in indonesia .please contact me reply

  10. pawan posted on June 22, 2017

    this is very good brand in retail.and I am so happy for work in miniso.plz send me details . reply

  11. Nandini posted on June 21, 2017

    Hi, im interested to start a Miniso store in Bangalore, India. Please send some details about the terms and conditions. Thanks, Regards Nandini.C reply

  12. DHARMENDRA KUMAR posted on June 17, 2017

    Miniso store coming soon in india Store coming in DLF mall of india Sector 18 Noida And Miniso a good Brand And reply

  13. Kanwar Deepak Gulati posted on June 8, 2017

    Hi, wants to open a store in Delhi. Please send me the details. Thanks reply

  14. Suruchi gulati posted on June 7, 2017

    I am interested in opening a store in New Delhi,India please share the details for the same.thanks reply

  15. Prerna posted on June 6, 2017

    I am interested in opening a miniso store in Siliguri, west Bengal ,India. Please send me details. reply

  16. Sandeep verma posted on June 5, 2017

    I am interested to joining let me know when it's coming in Delhi. reply

  17. danny sukardi posted on June 3, 2017

    i m interested in opening miniso shop in indonesia. please do contact me for further discussion reply

  18. Rahul posted on May 28, 2017

    Hi, I am interested in opening a Miniso store in Ludhiana,Punjab , India. Kindly give me some details. Also give me some details about the terms and conditions to acquire the franchise. reply

  19. Hi, I am interested in opening a Miniso store in Delhi NCR, India. Kindly give me some details. posted on May 25, 2017

    Could you please share terms & conditions, investment details and details on franchise model. reply

  20. Vikash posted on May 16, 2017

    Hi, i am interested to open up a store in assam as well as other cities also. reply

  21. Chethan Chethan S M posted on May 13, 2017

    Hi, I am very much interested to start Miniso Outlet in Bangalore, India. Please help to understand the franchisee's terms & conditions . Thanks Chethan reply

  22. Kamal kothari posted on May 11, 2017

    Hi, I am interested in opening up miniso stores in India. Kindly give me some details about the franchisee terms and conditions. Very much interested. Thanks, Regards Kamal kothari reply

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