Ikea Frakta bag for a fraction of the price

Following the release by French luxury house Balenciaga of its own take on the Ikea Frakta bag, the Swedish furniture giant has devised a guide to help customers differentiate the 15 cent tote from its US$2200 counterpart – 4264 times more expensive than the original.

A graphic designed by Ikea’s advertising agency partner Acne for the brand’s website and social-media channels outlines four ways customers can tell whether their blue Frakta bag is the “real deal”.

Among these tell-tale signs are two instructions: shake it to see if it rustles, and throw it in the dirt to see if it can be rinsed off with a gardening hose.

Balenciaga-ikea-frakta-tote-bag-_Dezeen 1

“It’s not every day you hear about a world-renowned fashion house copying the design of a blue plastic bag,” says Acne. “So when Balenciaga did just that, Ikea put together a swift response – giving customers some tips on how to know their Frakta blue bag is the real deal.”

Balenciaga’s Arena bag was likened to the Ikea bag because of its similar blue hue and double shoulder straps. However, the luxury tote is made from wrinkled, glazed leather and also zips shut at the top.

“We are extremely flattered to seemingly be an inspiration for the latest catwalk designs for Balenciaga,” says Ikea representative Stella Monteiro. “Our tote is one of our most iconic products, already owned and loved by millions – now the many people truly can get the designer look for less.”

Siblings Marianne and Knut Hagberg designed the bag, made from the synthetic material polypropylene, so it would be suitable for a range of uses, including waste disposal and clothes storage.

Danish design brand Hay redesigned the iconic blue and yellow bag last year as part of a new collaboration.


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