Apple Taiwan about to launch at Taipei 101

The first official Apple Taiwan retail store is about to open, in the capital’s Taipei 101 tower.

Apple says on its Taiwan website that the directly owned shop will open soon.

On his Twitter page, Apple CEO Tim Cook says: “Here comes Apple Taipei 101, our first store in Taiwan”. He even wrote, in Chinese, “When you have time, please come and visit us”, a polite expression among ethnic Taiwanese extending a welcome.

Taiwan consumers can currently by Apple products through authorised third parties as well as the tech giant’s online platform.

While construction work has started on the store, Apple has invited Taiwanese paper-cutting artist Yang Shih-yi to create a large papercut work featuring a huge tree as a gathering place in the store.

While Apple has not disclosed a date for the store opening, local media says it is expected to open by the end of this month. It will cover 1320 sqm across two floors.

Apple launched a recruitment program in Taiwan last month with the aim of hiring 400 to 500 people, including those working on logistics and support, for the store. In the initial phase, the US firm will send employees from Hong Kong and Shanghai to support the new Taipei outlet.

Apple has almost 500 retail stores in 17 countries.


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